Terms & Conditions of Business



1. All Rubbish gerenated by working on third party property is the responsibility of property owner and we accept no responsibility. Unless previously agreed.


2. All making good required is the responsibility of the client. Unless previously agreed.


3. We accept no responsibilty for electrical installations adapted to and utlised by ourselves and only guarantee the quality of newly installed works, However every precaution is taken to ensure the circuits we adapt are of an acceptable standard and safe to use.


4. Prices stated are current and applicable. Unless previously agreed.


5. Payment is due within the next 7 days. Unless previously agreed. First time customers will have to pay immediately until relationship established.


6. All accessories installed are under manufacturer's guarantee, if a product installed malfunctions due to manufacturing, labour charges will apply.


7. Parking costs will be charged as applicable.


8. Congestion charging is applicable and will be charged.


9. If in the unlikely situation we are unable to rectify a problem with installed electrical wiring or accessories and can not reach an ammicable conclusion, YOU can contact NAPIT directly and complain and request intervention. Our registration number is 25750.


10. We can accept no responsibility in regards to the quality of building environment, i.e.. when chasing walls and excessive amounts of plaster come away from wall. We endeavour to be as un-disruptive to YOU the client as possible, but in some instances due to the age or quality of building we are working with it is unavoidable to create damage.